Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Forget Sarah Marshall: Where Are Harold and Kumar?

I'm really excited about Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I'm sure it'll be another Judd Apatow slam-drunk. But seriously, I'm so sick of being attacked by Sarah Marshall ads everywhere I go (which I'll address in more detail in another post). They're on bus stops, buses themselves, the tops of cabs, and I see a commercial for it several times a day. Enough is enough! No need to oversell.

What a perfect segway for my next point: There's no need to oversell, but why isn't Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay being sold at all? New Line is totally underselling it. Why? I thought this was supposedly the movie New Line was banking on to save them or something to that effect. Maybe investing in some advertising would help. More than that, the film DESERVES proper marketing. Harold and Kumar traveled all the way to White Castle, and you reward them like this? I've seen the trailer in theaters a couple times, but other than that, I'm not seeing any ads around town, and I haven't seen one commercial on TV.

Harold & Kumar only comes out a week after Sarah Marshall, but I've been slapped upside the head with the Sarah Marshall ad campaign for practically a month already. It feels that long anyway. Why isn't Harold & Kumar getting any love? It's just as worthy as an Apatow film. Is it too controversial? Are they scared to market it? Whatever the reason, I'm not happy about it. Let's get something going. Promote away, oh advertising and marketing gods. Anytime now... I'm waiting...

No matter what, I'll be there opening weekend. I'm totally psyched to see my favorite stoner stereotype-busters back in action and taking on the War on Terror...with a little help from Neil Patrick Harris, of course.


giant said...

Well said! Harold and Kumar are the best! Thanks for the funny post!

Have you seen this contest for a Harold and Kumar $420 (haha) cash giveaway?

Here's the link

Have a good day!

Lisa Draski said...

Thanks, giant! No, I hadn't seen that contest. That's awesome, thanks for the link. :)

Harold and Kumar definitely are the best. I'm so excited because I'm going to an advanced screening later today. It'll be good to have them back!

Thanks for reading and posting!