Thursday, March 12, 2009

Disorder of the Phoenix

Is it performance art? Is it mental illness and/or drug addiction? You decide!

Whatever it I...I'm just...speechless. Holy hell, Joaquin...


Bill Treadway said...

You should have seen him on Letterman a few weeks ago. I think Dave summed it up when he said "Too bad you couldn't be here tonight."

It's a shame that a man of his talent is flaming out in such a spectacular fashion.

Lisa Draski said...

I actually have had a post about him planned for awhile, but this just had to be posted immediately. I'm very aware of the Letterman appearance, though.

To be honest, regardless of whether it's real or an act (I still don't know), he is not now, nor has he ever been, talented enough to be pulling this shit.

I am, however, utterly fascinated, as sick or hypocritical as that might make me.

But let me say this: if it IS real, he should be ashamed. If anyone should know better, it's him.

matt said...

His Letterman appearance was entertaining, but that's only because Letterman's reaction was hilarious (he's only funny when disgusted these days). But seriously...who the fuck do Phoenix and Casey Affleck (who's been filming all of this) think they are? Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles? If this is all for a mockumentary to be released in the future, the joke got old a looooooong time ago.

Shenanigans said...

WoW! Resse Witherspoon said that Phoenix was probably playing some kind of practical joke.

I'm starting to have my doubts.

Brave Sir Robin said...

It's a practical joke. That entire thing was likely staged.

I'm loving this because the celebrity sights are reporting on everything he's doing. I'm intrigued by how far this thing is going to go.