Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bite This

When I saw Teeth at Cannes, I absolutely adored it. You can read more about it in my Cannes post. For awhile, I heard that nobody bought it and that it wouldn't be released at all. I was devastated. I had been raving about this movie to everyone and couldn't wait to see it again and buy it on DVD. I just loved it. Finally, people wised up. It is definitely being released. Even if this doesn't make a lot at the box office, it's going to be an instant cult phenomenon. It's so entertaining, but it's a rather scathing, intelligent attack on American prudishness, with tons of insightful social commentary. Are you paying attention, Bible Belt? It's supposedly being released, limitedly, on January 11th or 18th, somewhere around there. They always toy with those dates, but I'm hoping we don't have to wait too long. So, thank you, Roadside Attractions, for having the courage to distribute this film. And the lead actress in Teeth, Jess Weixler (pictured here), is phenomenal. Forgive me for saying this, but she really sunk her teeth into this role (come on, I had to!). But mark my words - she's going to be a big star. Don't miss this film, and bon appetit!


Bill Treadway said...

This is going to end up on my 10 Best list and maybe even at #1. It's a shame it has died so quickly at the box office. Guess a vagina with teeth isn't some people's idea of a good time.

Lisa Draski said...

I know what you mean, it's definitely going to be on my 10 Best List, too. It really is a shame about the box office, but I think it'll eventually find a huge cult following. I guess a vagina with teeth isn't everyone's cup of tea...people being scared off validates exactly what the film is saying.

Bill Treadway said...

New York only ran it in one theater in Manhattan.

I think the internet is the future of independent film distribution. Too many of these films are getting locked out by the big budget "blockbusters".

I've only given **** to two films so far this year. Teeth and the director's cut of A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon which is about to get an indie release.