Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Sunshine Valentine

For as sensitive as I am, you'd think I'd be more into Valentine's Day. I'm not terribly, and yet somehow, I find myself brimming with romantic sentiment. Shrug, I say. Shrug.

I can solve a bit of the mystery, as I know I was definitely inspired by the lovely Missa's cinematically-inclined V-Day shout-out on her amazing blog. It doesn't get much more real, beautiful, or romantic than Jesse and Celine in Before Sunrise/Before Sunset.

And speaking of real, beautiful, and romantic, it just doesn't get any better than Joel and Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This is the film that immediately popped into my head after the wheels o' love were set a-spinnin' after seeing the clip of Before Sunrise. Joel and Clementine...swoon.

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies.


Missa said...

Oh, I'm so glad you liked the Before Sunrise post, it's one of my all-time favorite films and I could just watch that scene in the listening booth over and over!

I love Eternal Sunshine too, Joel and Clementine would definitely be up there on my list of most wonderful film couples as well!

By the way, I agree, Julie Delpy is awesome and yes I did see 2 Days in Paris <3 I don't own it though and have been wanting to see it again ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day Lisa!


a cat of impossible colour said...

That's the film we always watch on Valentine's Day! :D Yay.

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot Valentine's Day was Saturday, but I've always loathed the day anyway so I'm sure I didn't miss much. I do, however, love Eternal Sunshine and the Before Sunrise/Sunset double feature, which are surely some of the most romantic pieces of cinema ever made. I also love Punch-Drunk Love, Juno, Say Anything, and Romeo and Juliet (the 1968 version, which contains more unbridled passion than all the other screen adaptations put together).

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hi Lisa! I would love to email you, but can't find your address (I might just be being blind, it's typical of me). Mine is andrea[dot]eames[at]gmail[dot]com, could you shoot me a message? Thanks!

A xxx