Thursday, February 12, 2009

War, Tarantino-Style

We finally got our first look at Quentin Tarantino's war epic (four words I never thought I'd string together, but hey, why not?), Inglourious Basterds. It looks like so much campy fun. Saving Private Ryan, it is not, but war often gets taken too seriously in films. To me, Inglourious Basterds (the snobby speller in me cringes every time I type that title, but I sort of dig the unconventional spelling in this case) is reminiscent of Paul Verhoeven's campy, brilliant, and emotionally engaging Black Book, which I absolutely adore. I'm not sure how emotionally engaging Basterds will be, but I'm hoping it's a true return to form for the egomaniacal auteur, meaning that we will actually care about the characters doing the nutty things, unlike the vapid Death Proof. So, bring it on, I say!

Kudos to Tarantino for having the longest teaser trailer ever, clocking it at almost 1:45. The more I watch it, the more intrigued I get. I feel the cinematic adrenaline rushing through my body. To put it simply, it looks seriously badass. And oh, Brad Pitt, how do I love thee? He gets better all the time. This, for sure, is going to be the iconic performance that Coen-lite Burn After Reading should have been for him. Brad Pitt is going to end up being known as one of the greatest actors of all time by the end of his career. You'll see.

Anyway, the trailer:

You've got Eli Roth, Ryan from The Office (B.J. Novak), the only Freaks and Geeks alum yet to make it big (Samm Levine), Brad Pitt rocking a 'stache and a redneck accent (and still looking damn good, may I add) while delivering this killer monologue and OWNING the entire 1 minute and 43 seconds, Nazis, Hitler (in a hilarious trailer cameo), war, and violence galore.

I'm not sure how it will all add up, but I eagerly and glouriously await the final result. Quentin Tarantino, you basterd, you.


chemistchicago said...

The spelling sets off warning bells in my head, too! Still not sure what I think of the trailer, but as with many of Tarantino's fans, I look forward to how he'll manage to surprise.

María Del Rincón said...

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Alexa said...

Really looking forward to this one, I agree that war movies are TOO serious. For good reason, sure, but I just can't take most of them because of it.

Anonymous said...

As much as I desperately want to share your enthusiasm for Tarantino's long-awaited WWII film, I just found this trailer to be a killjoy. Eli Roth's mere presence pisses me off. Ever since he produced those stupid Hostel pictures, Tarantino's career (and credibility) have headed south. I honestly didn't like a single thing in the trailer, except for that little Hitler bit at the end. Ah well, I suppose I'll have to see it anyway...