Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Girls Are Back in Town

The teaser trailer for Sex and the City: The Movie was a lot of fun, but the recently released theatrical trailer is positively delicious. I'm tickled pink, just like the pink on that fabulous poster. I'm totally titillated, so mission accomplished. I need answers! What on earth did Steve do to Miranda? Charlotte's pregnant?! Samantha...well, we know nothing's changed for Samantha (or has it?), but you have to love her. And Carrie and Big are set to get married. But will they? Will Carrie finally become Mrs. Big? Or, since we now know his name, will she finally become Mrs. John James Preston-Bradshaw? Oh, honey, you know she's going to hyphenate that last name.

My guess is yes. I think Carrie will finally get her fairy tale ending. But that doesn't make it any less suspenseful as to how it will play out or any less exciting to watch. And there really is a slim possibility that they won't get married. Anyway, I trust long-time Sex-master Michael Patrick King implicitly with the film, so I think it'll be wonderful. Obviously, this is going to play to a very specific audience, so I hope they come out in droves. I firmly believe they will, because the fans of Sex and the City are as loyal to the show as Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha are to each other. And I don't think the true Sex fiends (myself included) will be disappointed. Our girls are back, and they're looking just as fabulous as ever.

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