Monday, July 7, 2008

Coen Country

The Coen Brothers are superheroes. I'm convinced of it. They're tragically underappreciated as filmmakers, despite the No Country for Old Men Oscar recognition (about damn time). Their versatility excites and inspires me. They can make an epi-tragedy like No Country, a poignant folk story like O, Brother Where Art Thou?, the raucous, raunchy ride that is The Big Lebowski, or a classic screwball throwback like The Hudsucker Proxy. The Coens are definitely boss. The cheese to, you get the point.

Somewhere in the midst of the brilliant creation of No Country for Old Men, the Coens concocted Burn After Reading (to be released theatrically less than a year later - SO impressive, especially given the quality of No Country and the apparent quality of BAR). Burn After Reading is definitely more in the vein of something like Lebowski (the "hell of a lot of fun" Coen sub-genre), but it looks much better (I like Lebowski but don't have a shrine erected to it). I can't WAIT. Check out the two trailers (redband and regular). By the way, I totally heart Brad Pitt.



Alexa said...

This is my favorite Coen Brothers sub-genre. Brad Pitt reminds me of an 80s-era character type, the vacant blonde boy villian, a la Bill Pullman in Ruthless People.

Lisa Draski said...

I totally agree, Alexa. I love the Coens like this. YES, Brad Pitt does seem like that archetype. Great observation! I love how he laughs - it makes me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post. I'm so glad to see Bard Pitt in his full-on screw-loose mode. I haven't seen him this loose since 12 Monkeys. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Which trailer do you like better? I like the redband one myself, mostly just for Pitt's hysterical dance on the treadmill. And why doesn't J.K. Simmons get his own title card?

Lisa Draski said...

I know, I love seeing Brad Pitt all goofy. He's GREAT at it.

Hmm, I don't know which trailer I like better. I like the redband because they don't have to change "shit" to "stuff" so obviously that it makes me wince, and also, totally, because of Brad Pitt's treadmill dance. But I like the regular trailer because of how they build it up with the names and then having the characters asking "What is it?" and all that, with the result being the Coen Brothers, and McDormand going, "That's fantastic."

I think I give it to the redband. That dance is too priceless. :)

Yeah, I was wondering why J.K. Simmons didn't get billing either. He has a very prominent part IN the trailer, and also, he's huge now given the success of Juno. You'd think he'd at least warrant a mention.

BraveSrRob said...

@Anonymous: Tyler Durden would like a word with you about what constitutes having a screw loose.