Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ode to a Clown

I apologize for my AWOL-ness lately, but I took an unintentional and, it turns out, a much-needed hiatus from blogging. Rest assured, people, I'm back now.

What better idea for my first entry in a week and a half than to post the pictures of myself Joker-ized for the midnight screening of The Dark Knight? I got really into it (how often can a lady in civilized society purposely smear lipstick all over her face?), and I was quite pleased with the results, but I admit that I'm a bit shy all of a sudden about sharing them. Considering I haven't posted very many pictures of myself on this blog, I'm a bit embarrassed that the bulk of them now consist of me looking a bit psychotic ("a bit" may be an understatement - you be the judge!). Well, it is what it is, right? I was honoring Heath Ledger, and I'm really proud that I executed it successfully.

"See, I'm not a monster...I'm just ahead of the curve." - The Joker


Anonymous said...

No need to feel embarrassed about these kick-ass pics. For a film that grossed $300 million in ten days, I'm sure there were countless other superfans with Joker make-up, and none of them looked better than this. If the Joker had a girlfriend, you would most certainly be his dreamboat.

The smeary make-up and lipstick perfectly captures the genius of Ledger's self-created look, while the combo of red and green hair dye frames the face in sincerely sinister scraggles. You could even turn the fifth one down into your own blurry Dark Knight poster. Kudos on a crafty and lovely tribute to Ledger.

Alexa said...

Those are fantastic, Lisa! I see a mosaic collage in your future.

chemistchicago said...

What a nice tribute to Heath and his Joker! And what an arrangement...if you scroll through them quickly, it's like a flipbook!