Friday, August 1, 2008

One Ticket to Barcelona, Please

Below, you will find what is, in my opinion, one seriously scorching hot, hot, hot movie poster. Woody Allen, you devil! I like this side of you.

I strongly suspect that I will love this film. Is it really coming out on August 15th? Can it be true? I thought that was the limited U.S. release date, but IMDB doesn't list any other U.S. dates. Well, I better not have to wait long just because I don't live in New York or L.A.! *shakes fist*

Did I mention that the poster is really hot? One might even say, given the ethnicities of two of the beautiful actors on the poster, that it's muy caliente! And, with that statement, I have now filled my lameness quota for the day, thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Muy caliente indeed! This poster could not be sexier. On the basis of the hype from Cannes (especially concerning Cruz's fierce performance) this is going to be one red hot delight. They better release this thing on August 15, and not just in New York and L.A.!

Alexa said...

I think new muse Scarlett has been good for Woody, forcing him in a new, sexy direction. I bet we get the delayed release here in Chi-town though, sigh.

Lisa Draski said...

I think she has been, too. This is definitely the new, sexy Woody!

I know someone who transcribed an interview with him, and apparently he couldn't stop giggling while discussing this film.

Methinks that Woody is harboring some crushes on his starlets, and maybe even his star. Who can resist the charms of Javier, after all?