Saturday, August 9, 2008

Windy City Tragedy

Bernie Mac died this morning at age 50. I'm not a huge fan of his by any means, but I was struck by the news and felt compelled to write something. I respected him as a performer, I always thought he was funny, and he was a good guy (good guys wear black - right, Mr. Mac?). I feel really sad losing one of Chicago's own so abruptly, and so young. The gloomy day outside is fitting.

Bernie Mac, you're a fellow Obama supporter (sorry you won't be around to see how it plays out), a fellow White Sox fan (hell yeah!), and a fellow Chicagoan. You will be missed.

Rest in peace, Mr. Mac.

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Anonymous said...

This man was pure class. He gave a generously long interview with my college paper, and was so humble and engaging.

I recently watched Bad Santa, and enjoyed the vibrant comic chemistry between John Ritter and Bernie Mac. Amazing that both men are no longer with us.