Thursday, August 7, 2008


I was lazily scanning the "news" (I hardly think Desperate Housewives' James Denton not wanting more children constitutes as news, nor does the story I'm about to mention, really, but I'm fascinated by it nonetheless) articles on IMDB yesterday, and I came across this:

Blair Wants Acid Trip
6 August 2008 9:06 AM, PDT

Actress Selma Blair has confessed she wants to travel to Amsterdam and take acid - to feel better about herself.

The Hellboy star admits she is always criticising her looks, and the only thing she likes about her body is her hands.
And when filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro suggested that taking drugs would boost her confidence, she agreed.

Blair says, "You know what Guillermo thinks? That I should go to Amsterdam and take an acid trip and it would fix my head. I think he could be right you know.

"You know, I've done some things to excess but I hate pot and I've never done acid or ecstasy. But if I was in the right frame of mind, in a pleasant, creative, chilled-out space, with just the right amount delivered by an Amsterdam technician, that would be incredible."

And, asked about her plans for the future, Blair adds: "I'll be happy and say something nice about myself for a change, I'll have gone to Amsterdam, done acid, done some amazing theatre in London. Beautiful!"


Okay, Guillermo del Toro promoting acid trips - that explains a lot.

But seriously, Selma? SERIOUSLY? I know it's legal in Amsterdam and all, but is this really something she wants to tell the whole world about? Doesn't she have a filter for this stuff? Isn't this what publicists are for?

Perhaps she should try therapy or psychoactive drugs first. But, I guess therapy is for schmoes, right? Why be that constructive? If you have the money, by all means, fly to Amsterdam on a whim to take an acid trip and possibly fry your brain even more. If she's suffering from mental illness (like her dangerously low self-esteem, desperation to share this information, and general manner of speaking seem to indicate very strongly), I really don't think the best idea is to play around with brain chemistry like that. It could potentially make her problems worse, not solve them like she believes it will.

Sheesh, when did I turn into Nancy Reagan?

Anyway, I'm really quite open-minded about life and the things people do (it's their business, after all), and I'm extremely reluctant to pass judgment, but come on, this was stupid of her. It's not something you should tell the press, and she sounds like an idiot to boot. And it's not news-worthy either.

TMI, Miss Blair. TMI.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, so that's how Guillermo comes up with all these crazy ideas for movies. Take some acid and a trip to Amsterdam and you've got Hellboy 3: The Trippy Creepy-Crawlies With Leaf-Wings and Eight Dozen Eyes.

Seriously though, that story is messed up. Blair's confidence may be boosted if she started being in good movies (though Hellboy is a definite upgrade).

DrunkenSuperman said...

The funniest thing? LSD is illegal in the Netherlands too.

Lisa Draski said...


I had no idea anything was illegal in the Netherlands.

DrunkenSuperman said...

Technically, all drugs are illegal there, but allowances are made for soft drugs, i.e. marijuana., as long as its sold in the designated shops and follows other guidelines. Mushrooms used to be part of that classification too until some tourists died.

Hard drugs are just as illegal there as they are here, they just have a more enlightened view towards prevention and rehabilitation.

So there's your lesson for today.

Lisa Draski said...

Well, aren't you just a Mr. Smarty Pants? :)

Yeah, they make hardcore allowances for pot, though. They even have a pot-testing festival from what I've heard. Seems pretty permissible to me! I guess they just control it better, something we don't know much about here.