Friday, August 8, 2008

I Sold My Soul for $3.99

Yes, Lady in the Water was on sale at Best Buy for $3.99, and I bought it.

Shocked and/or confused? Does reading this review make me seem like a hypocrite?

Well, I did it, I'm admitting it publicly, and that's that.

I just love Paul Giamatti THAT much, and I think he's THAT damn good in it.

Case closed


Anonymous said...

The scene featuring Giamatti's tearful monologue (which you generously included in your blog) is reason enough to buy this humongous piece of Eatlon shit. Is it one of the worst movies ever made? Yes. Is this one of Giamatti's best performances? Yes. Does this make Lady in the Water a horrifying mess worthy of repeat viewings? Hell yeah. No thanks to you, Shyamalan.

Alexa said...

That's not a soul-selling move by any stretch. It was for Paul, after all!