Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The marketing for The Dark Knight continues to amaze me. These official sites should help pass the time until July 18th. They've definitely kept me busy. Well, they've kept me busy enough. I'm still hopelessly excited, and these are just fueling my fire, but that's fine by me.

They're all great and clever and fascinating, but just to guide you, I'm listing them from least interesting or fun to most:

Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit: http://www.gpdmcu.com/ - Special division of the GCPD, headed by none other than James Gordon.

Gotham Police Department: http://www.gothampolice.com/ - Get the DL on the haps of the GCPD.

Clown Travel Agency: http://www.clowntravelagency.com/ - Click on the envelope. Accept an assignment. Get a call from Gary Oldman. Seriously.

Why So Serious: http://www.whysoserious.com/ - Want to join the Joker's gang? Prove your loyalty and show your stuff like these creative fans have. It's really inspiring to see so much love and support for Heath Ledger.

Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham: http://www.ccfabg.org/ - Don't like Harvey Dent? Neither do these people. A very committed wesbite for a very anti-Dent group. They have their torches out. Join them, won't you?

I Believe In Harvey Dent: http://www.ibelieveinharveydent.com/ - Sick and tired of real politics? I know I am. What's with the neverending primaries? This is why people become apathetic. Anyway, if you're bored and frustrated with the current tug-of-war being played out in the good ol' US of A, choose Harvey Dent instead. Invest some energy in a fictional politician. Follow his campaign as he seeks the position of Gotham City District Attorney, much to the chagrin of Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham. I don't like to reveal my bias, but I can't help it - I believe in Harvey Dent. Do you? The best site by far.

Have fun!


Alexa said...

Well THIS will help me pass the time until it opens!!

Lisa Draski said...

Good, I'm glad! :)