Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kate!

I want to honor my favorite actress of all time, Katharine Hepburn, by celebrating what would have been her 101st birthday today. Her work and life have meant so much to me. She's my idol. Not only was she immensely talented (the best actress ever, in my opinion), she was also smart, strong, independent, and the ultimate feminist. Women are lucky to have her as a role model. And to young girls: you want someone to look up to? Look up to Katharine Hepburn. Kate's unabashed pride in her gender and her insistence that women are equal to, and perhaps even better than, men are gifts that never stop giving. Tough, determined, and confident, she succeeded in maintaining a career over SIX decades and conquering the male-dominated film industry. She showed the big boys that she wasn't messing around, she didn't take crap from anyone, and she did it all with integrity. Katharine Hepburn is a constant inspiration to me, and I only hope I can be even 1/100th of the woman she was.

Happy birthday, Ms. Hepburn.

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