Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get Out of the House!

Ali G Indahouse is an embarrassing blemish on Sacha Baron Cohen's otherwise pristine career. Why Sacha Baron Cohen would choose to make a fictional movie about one of his brilliant and very real in your face "characters" from Da Ali G Show is beyond human comprehension. That was his biggest mistake. Case closed.

Or is it? I had heard awful things about this movie, but I'm such a SBC freak that I had to see for myself. Well, that was MY biggest mistake. I wish I had never seen it. It was co-written by Cohen, too. Even for a fictional outing, I'm shocked that he couldn't do better. The man is clearly a genius. I'm so disappointed in him. He should have stuck to what he does best: improv-ing and duping ignorant Americans into making fools of themselves.

The stupid plot finds our favorite British pothead-gangster-wannabe-with-the-Jamaican-flavor, Ali G, dating "Me Julie" (his term for his girlfriend), living with his grandma, hanging out with his mates Dave and Ricky C., and teaching inspirational thug classes to the youth of his turf, Staines. The center where he holds the classes is being closed, so he needs to save it. In the meantime, a sinister Deputy Prime Minister sees Ali being an idiot out on the street and decides that Ali is the perfect moron to take the Prime Minister down. If he gets the PM to ally with Ali by claiming Ali will boost his popular image, then Ali will do something dumb, the PM will be out, and the DPM will be in. Of course, Ali manages to gain the public's support, and the PM appoints Ali to the cabinet. Ali saves the center and the day. The end. Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

Ali G Indahouse is not only predictable, it's unforgivably stupid. I was mildly amused at times, and it was sort of fun, momentarily, to see the family and friends Ali G always babbles incoherently, and hilariously, about on the TV show manifested. Also, it's Sacha Baron Cohen, and he's brilliant, even though he's wallowing in trash. Well, maybe this particular performance isn't brilliant, but I KNOW he's brilliant, so I clung desperately to that. He does a fine job, I guess. I just know what he's capable of, and that's probably why I'm being as hard as I am on the movie, but also why I'm being more than kind with my rating. I just love him. I'd be eager to know what someone unfamiliar with the show first thought of the movie.

Perhaps the most atrocious part of the whole debacle is Sir Michael Gambon (Dumbledore himself) as the Prime Minister. Egads... What a dream duo - Sacha Baron Cohen and Michael Gambon. I'd normally give one of my limbs to watch them act together, but not like this. Anything but this.

Avoid this movie at all costs. Watch Da Ali G Show instead. Please.

Rating: * (out of 5)

P.S.The time on this entry is the time that I started writing. In actuality, it just turned 4:20 a.m. when I posted this review. That amuses me.

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