Monday, June 9, 2008

Maybe Next Year...

NO, this post is not affiliated with the Chicago Cubs. Never. Chicago White Sox and South Side for life!

Pardon my outburst. I'm composed...NOW.

Almost two months ago, I gushed about my upcoming trip to Ebertfest, Roger Ebert's annual film festival, where I was going to a screening of The Hulk with Ang Lee himself there for a Q&A. I promised an update, so here it is.

A couple days before the festival started, Roger Ebert, already suffering from medical problems (he was going to appear at the festival despite not being able to speak), broke his hip. Naturally, he wasn't able to attend. My fellow ticketholder and I decided not to attend either. I was extremely torn, because when would I get a chance to be in the same place (other than America or the planet Earth) with Ang Lee again? Probably never.

But, the appeal was to see Ang Lee AND Roger Ebert. Also, Champaign, IL is quite a haul, and transportation was difficult to coordinate. So, unfortunately, it ended up being a no-go. Trust me, if Ebert had been there WITH Ang Lee, I would have run to Champaign.

Obviously, I was more concerned with Ebert's well-being than anything else. My love and best wishes have always been and continue to be with Mr. Ebert. And I'm sorry I missed out on seeing Mr. Lee, but life happens, as both men know very well.

Hopefully, I'll be there next year...and so will Roger Ebert, glowingly healthy and good as new.

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