Sunday, June 8, 2008

From Oscar to Office

On this season's finale of The Office, we met the new HR representative, Holly, played by Oscar nominee Amy Ryan. For the entire episode, I was like, "She looks a lot like Amy Ryan. Is she? That has to be her...right?" I couldn't wait until the end credits, so I went on IMDB and didn't see it on her page. Apparently, it takes some time for that to be updated. But since I was watching it a couple of weeks after it actually aired, I perused the message board quickly and found out that it WAS her, and when I got to the end credits, it was confirmed. I just think that's awesome.

I loved her in Gone Baby Gone, but she's also excellent here. This is a totally different Amy Ryan, which makes me even more impressed with her. She's so sweet and funny and fits in really well with the show's tone and the rest of the cast. Holly's a potential love interest for Michael Scott (Steve Carell), and she's PERFECT for him. I'm really rooting for them. Carell and Ryan have great chemistry.

I guess she's going to be a regular next season, but I hope she sticks around longer. I really like her on The Office.

Here's a montage of clips featuring Amy Ryan as Holly with Kevin (Brian Baumgartner). She's told by Dwight (Rainn Wilson), as a part of her "hazing", that he's part of a work program for the mentally slow. Holly believes Dwight (it's not too much of a stretch if you know Kevin). So, these are her hilarious interactions with Kevin.

Don't you just adore her?

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