Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie Moods: My Man Godfrey

With the potential to become a regular feature on Lisa's Film Archive, "Movie Moods" allows me to express my mood or feelings du jour (or longer than un jour) via a film. Observe today's sentiment.

"Life is but an empty bubble."

-- Irene Bullock (the devastatingly exquisite Carole Lombard) in one of the greatest screwball comedies ever, and one of my favorite films, My Man Godfrey


Robert said...

totally off topic but i love your dark knight counter! I just got a DK toy yesterday and was playing with it all day at work today. I also cant wait for that movie. Great blog, i added it to my favs.

Alexa said...

A favorite of mine as well; Carole Lombard is part of my blog banner, after all ;) Irene is one of my feminine heroes, and I aspire to be as sweet and off-kilter as she is every day. Thanks Lisa!!