Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Beautiful, Sweded Mind

I worship Michel Gondry. He's part goofball, part crazy, and all genius. He represents what filmmaking should be. There's such a purity and childlike exuberance to his approach and vision, yet there's also such a sophistication to his stories and artistic expression. Gondry is so creative and totally audacious, and he couldn't be sweeter or more humble. He just loves making movies, and it's inspiring to see him get so excited about his projects.

For his newest film, Be Kind Rewind, he made his own "sweded" version of the trailer. According to the film's official website: "Sweding is re-making something from scratch using whatever you can get your hands on." This is what the characters do in the film, and what Gondry does with the trailer. It's shot-by-shot exactly, and he plays all the roles. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything more endearing than Gondry reciting his own brilliant dialogue in his broken, heavily accented English and doing the most loving, adorable impersonations of the actors in the film. It's adorable because he obviously cares so much. This trailer is a masterpiece in its own right. It's one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen.

His trailer is great on its own, just because it's a kooky French guy having the time of his life playing, but you'll appreciate it more after seeing the original, which is why I'm posting both. Actually, I think it's essential to see the original one first to have a basis for comparison and to maximize appreciation, because what Gondry does with his sweded version is magical. It's magical, just like his films.

Original trailer:

Gondry's sweded trailer:

Gondry's trailer makes me smile every time and totally brightens my day, whatever day it happens to be. It makes me happy. It just radiates such warmth and joy. I can't get enough of it. As Mia Farrow (and Gondry as Mia Farrow) says, "To movies with heart and soul!" Michel Gondry certainly has that covered. He has a heart as big as the Eiffel Tower, a soul as deep as the waters of the Seine, and he possesses a joie de vivre like no other director working today. Michel Gondry, je t'adore!

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